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Abbey's Wig Wam RV
9102 Williams Rd.
Tampa, FL 33584

Review for: Abbey's Wig Wam RV
Glad to hear the walking, and the tnlikag, and the wind blowing in your face there at the end.Yes, the new year is coming close 2 weeks away, now. And at least one of those days is kinda fubar'd, with it being Christmas and all.Still, 2 more weeks, and you have a fresh shiny New Year ahead of you, full of chances and changes and possibilities! Now that you have production under your control, rolling out Double, Captain's, and Owner's out, followed by South Coast, and Hermit, and then comes Cape Grace (I hope but honestly, if you find something else forces you to write it, well, I shan't argue too much unless it's another *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*'ing romantic vampire/werewolf story. Sorry Buffy did it right (for the most part), Lestat and Twilight showed how to get it about as wrong as you can It's like Ish Goes To College though I still think there's room now for at least one volume from the Instructor's side, instead of the student side. Ishmael has handled, for the most part, people who *want* to learn, and one case of a person with trouble testing, but still wanted to learn but how does he handle the idiots who think they know it all, already, especially when they end up risking lives showing off? Or the kids who are just there because their parents made them, and they really don't want to be, so they do just the absolute minimum to get by?But you've shown some amazing work in the Steampunk genre (not one of my favorites, due to the overly exposed sense of affected drama. You've still got a lot of room between A Light In The Dark, and the glittering sinful lights of Odin's Outpost

Review by: Rimpa
Reviewed on: December 13,2015

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