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Delightful Days R.V.
13080 Walton Verona Rd.
Walton, KY 41094
888-485-4044 • 859-485-4044

Review for: Delightful Days R.V.
Customer Service: 
We bought our Viking PU in Spring '03 from Delightful Days. Price is what immediately attracted us. They were selling fully loaded units for a lot less than many other Viking dealers in the country. The salesman was helpful and friendly. The service guys knew their stuff. And my tech support calls to them were always handled well. I give them a lower ranking on selection, because, as far as pop-ups, they only sell Viking. But if you are considering this brand and are near the region, they are well worth checking out. -Ky Camper

Review by: Ky Camper
Reviewed on: July 27,2004

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