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ArveeClub is one of the oldest most respected pop-up camper and small RV communities focused on pop-up campers and smaller light-weight RVs with resources for enthusiasts from all over the world. whether your ready to join the virtual campfire of the online community forum or just searching for a campground, let ArveeClub be your guide to making your camping experience more enjoyable.

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Whatever you want to know, just ask. The friendly ArveeClub community of experienced RVers is always ready to answer your camping and RV related questions. Visit the forum.

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Newbie looking to buy a PUP- floor plan q

Would you pay $100 for this extended warranty? (new forest river pup)

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Coleman pop up need help running off of battery

Store your memory foam in the house during the winter!!

Just purchased 2004 Coleman Santa Fe, need help with misc parts

Question to Fleetwood Saratoga and Niagra owners

extended stay set up????

Hydraulic Pop Up Tent Trailer Only?

Whiffle Tree Lubrication

 Camping Database

Search for a campground
PopUp Explorer has over 2000 campgrounds listed in the database and over 1700 peer reviews. Members and users share their experience by rating a campground on ten general categories and telling you in their own words their experience. You can search for a campground by filling in your search criteria in the "Go PUX Search" at the top of the page or going to the "Find Campground" page.

The camping database isn't just for campgrounds, you can also find RV Dealers, RV Repair and suppliers or other camping related web sites and businesses.

List your own camping business
Having a viable place to list your camping related business, web site or service is important. The PopUp Explorer camping database is only for camping. You won't see listings that are not relevant to camping which helps our members and users find what they are looking for and helps your relevant camping service from getting lost in a sea of useless information. you can submit your camping business, service, or web site by going to the the "Submissions" Page

 PUX Trading Post Shopping

PUX Trading Post has a broad selection of products for all kinds of camping. We also offer unique camping related apparel, mugs and other fun items that you won't find anywhere else.

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If you are looking into purchasing an RV check out the Dealer Search page, or for used RVs visit the PopUp Explorer Classified Ads.

Looking to Sell
If your selling your RV the PopUp Explorer Classified Ads is a great place to start. The basic listing is free and ads with unlimited descriptions are just one dollar while ads with photographs and unlimited descriptions are only five dollars.

 ArveeClub Sister Sites

While PopUp Explorer is heaviliy focused on pop up campers our sister sites are focused other categories.

Hybrid Explorer also knowns as HYX is focused on hybrid campers, like ArveeClub, HYX is a unique community with a narrow focus on the unique needs of this specific group.

RV Itch was created to help PopUp Explorer members that have moved on to larger campers continue to feel like part of the community while providing a place with a focus on their needs.